Ever Wonder Why...

we cut down trees to make paper? We did too. That's why in 1997 we made it our mission to produce everyday products from sustainable alternative materials at affordable prices. It wasn't easy, but we used innovative technology to make Emerald products using healthy and sustainable materials to produce all kinds of things you use daily like, tissues, cutlery, cups, packaging, and more.

Corporate Program

Emerald Brand's Corporate Program allows you to convert your facilities with uniform price points, single streamlined brand, cost-neutral conversion, communication support, onsite education, and environmental impact reporting.


Licensing Emerald Brand's Tree-Free and Plastic-Free Material Technology is designed for companies looking to differentiate their current product line in the food service, towel, and tissue, and packaging categories. Licensing for business-to-business distribution and business-to-consumer online and offline retail is available.

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